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Cosmetic surgery is no longer the domain of the rich and famous. Today, at Seduction Cosmetic Center, anyone can afford to enhance their appearance and self-esteem. The road to a "better you" should be informative and enjoyable. We have worked diligently to make affordable cosmetic surgery within the reach of everyone. We understand how important the costs of your procedure may play in your decision to undergo elective cosmetic surgery. Please feel free to ask any questions to our financial counselors. They are caring, compassionate and will be with you throughout your upcoming experience.


We prefer not to quote fees. Although a range of surgeon's fees and costs can be approximated, the ultimate, definitive number cannot be quoted until you have met with our surgeons & staff and the appropriate procedure(s) has been determined. Therefore, fees are not quoted over the telephone. Your initial consultation is free and no costs are involved. We encourage potential patients to visit us and meet with our Surgery Coordinators without any obligation whatsoever. It is important that you feel at ease and satisfied with the way you are treated. The initial contact is frequently an indication of how you will be treated after surgery. So, come and spend some time with us.


During your initial consultation, you will receive an estimate that will detail the surgeon's fees, surgical center's costs and any additional costs, for your desired procedure. Upon scheduling a specific date for your surgery, a deposit will be required to hold your place on the surgery schedule. Our surgical schedule is filled months ahead of time and specific dates are at a premium. Your deposit will be credited towards the surgeon's fee. There are some cancellation restrictions that will be discussed with you at the time of scheduling.

Financing Options

Your cosmetic procedure is now at the palm of your hands. We offer many financing options such as Care Credit, One Choice and Fortiva. For further information on these or more financing options visit our center.

Payment Policy

The balance of the surgical fee is due one week prior to the date of your surgery. At this time you will be asked to sign a number of disclosures and informative documents pertaining to your procedure. Please note that the fee due for the surgical center is paid directly to that specific facility.
Credit card payments may be given over the telephone.

For more information on Care Credit please click here

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