Meet our Surgery Coordinators

Yusleny Cruz
(Surgery Coordinator/ Manager)

Rosemary Napoles
(Surgery Coordinator)

Shelly Tur
(Surgery Coordinator)

Our Surgery Coordinators have a vast knowledge in general and plastic surgery, and are highly trained to answer all your pre/post-surgery questions. They are the ones that will guide you and support you throughout the whole process. They will also assist you in all your financing needs making it easy for you to afford all your surgery costs and coordinate your procedure.

Meet our Front Desk



Aidelys Hernandez

Tatiana Arrozarena

Yeimy Cosio

Our Front Desk Staff is highly qualified to answer all your questions and attend all your surgery needs. They will always go out of their way to make you feel welcome and special.

Meet our Therapists

  Maria Casanova(Therapist)

Yelenny Alvarez (Therapist)

Our licensed Massage Therapists will relax your mind and relieve the tension surgery leaves on your body. Their graceful and nurturing kind of lymphatic drainage will promote your physical and mental health. They will make sure everything from your surgery looks great and will make sure you receive the care you deserve.

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Our Blog

Breast implants bring a lot of changes to a woman. Of course, the obvious change is physical, which can improve confidence, and can also alter your social life in different ways. However, there are some other changes you normally ignore like the way to dress, because after the surgery you may require appropriate clothing, comfortable and of course clothing that enhances the change that your body has acquired.
An effective alternative to scalpel intervention is the radio frequency, a procedure that helps improve skin's appearance.