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Welcome to our Online Consultation with our specialist coordinators. There is no need to come to our office; online consults are very useful for patients from out of town.

How does it work?

  • Submit photos of yourself along with your information. Our coordinators will call you and speak to you in reference to your request.
  • Please take clean photos from three different angles; front, left side, right side and back side if requested.
  • Make sure someone else takes the picture

  • Photos:
    (send us your photos! 2mb or less please)




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    Breast implants bring a lot of changes to a woman. Of course, the obvious change is physical, which can improve confidence, and can also alter your social life in different ways. However, there are some other changes you normally ignore like the way to dress, because after the surgery you may require appropriate clothing, comfortable and of course clothing that enhances the change that your body has acquired.
    An effective alternative to scalpel intervention is the radio frequency, a procedure that helps improve skin's appearance.