Brazilian Butt Lift Q&A

Brazilian butt lift questions

Thinking about enhancing your buttocks with a plastic surgery procedure? BBL Miami is an increasingly popular way to add shape and volume to a flat or shapeless behind. Read on as the team at Seduction Cosmetic Center answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Brazilian Butt Lift.

What does Brazilian Butt Lift involve?

Brazilian Butt Lift transfers excess body fat (taken from an area like your abdomen, lower back or thighs) to your buttocks to add shape and volume. The fat is extracted using liposuction techniques and carefully injected into your buttocks.

What is the difference between Brazilian Butt Lift and traditional buttock augmentation?

Traditional buttock augmentation uses an artificial implant to enhance the buttocks. Brazilian Butt Lift uses your own tissue to deliver results that look and feel more natural. Since it is your own tissue, there are no concerns that your body will reject it or you will develop an adverse reaction to the material.

Does Brazilian Butt Lift hurt?

Anesthesia is used during the procedure so you will not feel anything. You can take prescription or over-the-counter medication to alleviate any post-operative pain or discomfort.

How can I prepare for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Our plastic surgeons will provide you with complete pre-operative instructions to follow. They will instruct you to stop smoking and discontinue the use of medications known to cause bleeding and other surgical complications. You may also be asked to undergo lab testing prior to your Brazilian Butt Lift.

What is the recovery like?

Expect some minor aftereffects, including bruising, swelling and redness, which can take several weeks to subside. You will be asked to avoid sitting or laying directly on your buttocks for several weeks after surgery to help the area heal. Many patients find it helpful to sit on a doughnut-shaped pillow. You can resume work within one to two weeks of surgery as long as you avoid sitting or laying directly on your buttocks.

How long do the results of Brazilian Butt Lift last?

The results of Brazilian Butt Lift are very long-lasting as long as the transplanted fat develops a blood supply and you do not gain or lose a significant amount of weight after surgery.

What are the risks of Brazilian Butt Lift?

Potential complications of Brazilian Butt Lift include infection, bleeding and fat embolism. Trusting your surgery to a board-certified plastic surgeon significantly decreases the risk of complications.

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If you have additional questions about Brazilian Butt Lift that were not answered in this post, please contact the team at Seduction Cosmetic Center.

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