The Pros of Getting A Breast Fat Transfer Surgery


For patients who are looking to enlarge their breasts, you may think that a breast implant is your only option. There are plenty of ways patients can enhance their breasts, one being a breast fat transfer surgery.

Breast implant surgery

This procedure involves removing fat from certain parts of the body and injecting it into the breasts for a larger appearance. Though breast implant surgery in Miami is one of the most popular ways to enhance the breasts, fat transfer surgery has its pros as well.

A breast fat transfer surgery is a combination surgery of liposuction and fat transfer. The surgeon uses a tool to remove fat from the body to add volume to the breasts. The fat is usually unwanted fat that is removed from the hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, back or arms. This results in not only bigger breasts but a reshaped body that patients can be more confident in.

For the fat to be injected, the surgeon makes incisions that can be so small, it leaves very little scarring and in many cases, no scarring at all. This amplifies the natural look of the surgery and can make the recovery process more manageable compared to other cosmetic surgeries.

Benefits of undergoing Fat Grafting Breast, including:

  1. Minimal incisions and scarring.
  2. More confidence.
  3. More attractive appearance.
  4. Lasting Results.
  5. Can be combined with additional procedures.
  6. Better shaping.
  7. Natural Look.
  8. Feel sexier.
  9. Enjoy shopping for clothes again.
  10. Renewed sex life.
  11. Etc.

Recovery time

The recovery time for this procedure is short with most patients returning to normal activities after only a couple of days following the surgery. 

A breast fat transfer surgery in Miami is ideal for patients who would rather have their own natural fat to enlarge their breasts rather than an implant. Breast implants are a bigger commitment that requires checkups every few years to make sure there are no complications.

A breast fat transfer involves using the patient’s fat which not only avoids implants but provides more natural-looking results. The results also feel more natural since it is natural body fat with this professional plastic surgery Miami.

Though a breast fat transfer surgery has many benefits, it is targeted towards patients who want a slight enhancement in breasts. For patients who want a significant increase in breast size, a Miami breast augmentation surgery may be the solution. If you have questions about breast surgery, you are encouraged to consult with one of the many expert surgeons at Seduction Cosmetic Center

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