Can You Still Breastfeed If You Have Breast Implants?

Breast implants and breast feed

Getting breast augmentation surgery is a big step and for many people, it’s absolutely worth it. Also known as a boob job, breast surgery can enlarge the patient’s breasts by using breast implants. The last thing a patient would want after finally having their dream breasts is to get rid of their implants so they can breastfeed.

Though most women can breastfeed with their implants, there are times when women with breast implants can’t breastfeed. This depends on many factors such as the original state of the breasts before surgery and how the procedure was performed. If the patient had any breasts’ issues before surgery, these issues should be discussed with a professional to clarify whether breastfeeding will be tangible. 

About Breast Implants surgery

Breast augmentation surgery involves the surgeon making small incisions in the breast so the implants can be placed in. If these incisions are made under the breasts, through the armpit, or through the belly button, the patient is less likely to have complications that can interfere with breastfeeding. However, if the incisions are made around the areola, this could affect breastfeeding. This is due to the nipples possibly being affected. 


There are nerves that are around the nipples that play an important role in breastfeeding. When a baby is being breastfed, the level of hormones are increased. Hormones also play an important role in breastfeeding. Prolactin activates the production of the breast milk.

Oxytocin makes the breast milk flow in a way that helps the baby get the milk easily. If these nerves get damaged due to surgery, the sensation is reduced affecting the patient’s ability to breastfeed. Because breast implants are usually placed behind the milk glands or under the chest muscles, the milk supply isn’t affected and patients can breastfeed without any complications.

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Though patients can still breastfeed, a pregnancy can still alter their breasts to give them a shape or size that they are not satisfied with. This can happen especially for patients who’ve had their implants for years. This doesn’t mean they can’t get their dream breasts back.

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