Tummy Tuck


The Benefits of A Breast Reduction Surgery

The female body can experience a lot of scrutiny which can cause many women to feel insecure about not having a body that fits the social norm. For women with big breasts, their breast size may seem like a blessing since bigger breasts tend to be seen as more attractive. However, there are many cases […]
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Best Liposuction and Tummy Tucks

Cosmetic surgery in Miami has evolved to be a group of surgeries designed to help patients regain confidence in their body. For many people, plastic surgery has helped them get their body back after experiencing weight fluctuations, having children, or just the natural changes that come with age. In some cases, cosmetic surgeries can overlap […]
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What To Expect After A Tummy Tuck

It’s already hard enough for some people to get the stomach they want. As we get older, it gets even harder for people to maintain a toned and flat stomach. As the body continues to change, it may experience changes that may seem irreversible such as excess skin in the stomach due to weight fluctuations […]
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The Steps Of A Tummy Tuck Surgery

Some people may think getting the perfect stomach is nearly unachievable. For individuals who have excess stomach skin, sit-ups, crunches and a healthy diet may not be enough. Fortunately, Miami plastic surgery can help people get a flatter stomach that they can be confident in.  Miami tummy tuck When it comes to getting a flatter […]
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Tummy tuck vs liposuction

A Tummy Tuck Versus Liposuction

A Tummy Tuck Vs. Liposuction   As we get older, it may be more difficult to maintain a flat stomach, especially if your muscles have weakened. For patients insecure about their stomach, surgery may be an option to get rid of unwanted stomach fat. This leaves patients with two cosmetic surgery options: a tummy tuck […]
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