Combat Signs Of Aging

According to Seduction Cosmetic Center, the neck is a common area of concern among many patients. Wrinkling, sagging, or creasing around the jawline and neck are, the cosmetic surgery clinic says, prone to making people feel older than they really are. Covering liposuction, surgical neck lifts, and injectable anti-wrinkle treatments, Seduction Cosmetic Center shines an expert spotlight on three of the best options designed to rejuvenate this often problematic part of the body.

Lower face and neck

“The lower face and neck are both areas of particular concern for many patients, particularly as they get older,” says a Seduction Cosmetic Center representative, speaking from the clinic’s office in Miami, Florida. “If changes such as sagging, wrinkling, or creasing around an individual’s neck and jawline are making them feel unattractive or old beyond their years, the team at Seduction Cosmetic Center can help,” they add.

Seduction Cosmetic Center offers a range of treatment solutions to rejuvenate patients’ lower face, jawline, and neck areas to create smoother, more youthful-looking contours. Highlighting three such solutions, Seduction Cosmetic Center first turns to the so-called neck lift. “A neck lift is the most comprehensive solution to beating signs of aging affecting this particular part of the body,” suggests the clinic.

Similar to a facelift, the procedure involves lifting, suspending, and carefully contouring the tissues of a patient’s neck and lower jawline. The result, according to Seduction Cosmetic Center, is a smoother, tighter appearance with less jowling. Incisions are hidden behind the ears and, in some cases, under the chin. Recovery, however, can take up to three weeks, Seduction Cosmetic Center points out.

“Boasting a shorter recovery time is neck liposuction,” says the clinic’s spokesperson, moving on to Seduction Cosmetic Center’s second of three treatments for combating signs of aging around the neck and jawline.

Liposuction procedure

Liposuction, Seduction Cosmetic Center states, removes unwanted fat to provide a leaner and more elegant neck contour. Removing fat in this area, the clinic reports, creates greater definition between the lower face, jawline, and neck. “If a patient’s neck has retained good tone and elasticity, liposuction is often an excellent option to rejuvenate this frequently problematic part of the body,” they add.

Finally, Seduction Cosmetic Center turns to the least invasive procedure recommended to combat signs of aging around the neck and jawline. Botox, the clinic says, is an injectable anti-wrinkle treatment ideal for those seeking a non-surgical solution to rejuvenate their neck. “Botox temporarily relaxes the muscles primarily responsible for sagging and creasing,” Seduction Cosmetic Center explains, “so that they’re no longer able to contract, forming wrinkles.”

“Botox can be easily administered during a quick appointment,” adds Seduction Cosmetic Center in closing, “requires no downtime, and provides results that can last for up to six months.”

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