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Every transgender person’s experience is different. Some people transition socially but not medically, other people take medical steps and some don’t transition at all. The decision is personal.

For transgender persons who would like to transition medically, several surgical options exist, one of which is gender reassignment breast surgery. This can be done for both male-to-female and female-to-male transitions.

To learn more about gender reassignment breast surgery, continue reading below, as the team at the Seduction Cosmetic Surgery Center discusses the different options people have and the results they can deliver.

Male Chest Reconstruction

Male chest reconstruction is also known as top surgery, and it’s the procedure transgender men and some non-binary folks opt for to remove the breasts and breast tissue.

Top surgery is similar to breast reduction surgery. For patients starting with small breasts, the surgery begins with a technique that’s a lot like liposuction. Fat is suctioned out of patients until the chest becomes lean and flat. Then, a small incision is made and the remaining breast mound is removed.

For patients starting with larger breasts, the procedure is a bit more complicated, requiring a breast and skin reduction and larger incisions.

During the procedure, surgeons also reposition and shrink the areolas and adjust the size and angle of the nipples to create a more masculine appearance.

Breast Augmentation

For transgender women and some non-binary folks, breast surgery involves getting implants.

With the help of their surgeons, patients select the implant size and shape best suited to their body type and individual needs.

Computer programs can simulate what patients will look like after the procedure is complete. Or, patients can try on bras of varying sizes and fill them with sizers to see which size implant would best fit their body.

Patients also need to decide whether they want the implants to be filled with saline or silicone gel. Both options have pros and cons. Silicone gel tends to feel more natural. But since saline implants can be filled after they are inserted, a smaller incision is made, which results in less scarring.

All people have some breast tissue so surgeons are often able to find an amount sufficient to create new breasts. Once the procedure is done, patients have breasts that are full, lifted and symmetrical, creating a more feminine appearance.

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Gender reassignment breast surgery is an exciting prospect. If you’re interested in having the procedure, contact the team at the Seduction Cosmetic Surgery Center to speak to a surgeon who is not only qualified and experienced but also empathetic and understanding of each patient’s unique needs.

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