Guidelines For A Successful At-Home Tummy Tuck Recovery


The body can go through a lot of changes as we get older. These changes can be due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy or simply the natural effects of age. In many cases, these unwanted changes can make people lose confidence in themselves. For people who want to regain confidence in their stomach, they may consider undergoing a tummy tuck.

What is Tummy Tuck?

Also known as an abdominoplasty, tummy tucks in Miami target the loose skin and weakened muscles that may have developed in the abdominal area. The surgery involves the surgeon making an incision in the lower abdomen so the skin can be separated from the tissue. This is when the doctor then tightens the weakened muscles in the abdomen and removes stomach fat. 

The skin is then pulled over so the stomach looks flat and more toned. The excess skin gets trimmed off then the doctor stitches the stomach in place making sure that there’s an opening for the belly button. Though a tummy tuck is performed by experienced professionals, the success of the procedure is also dependent on how the patient follows postoperative instructions after the surgery.

Recovery from Tummy Tuck

It’s best for patients to sleep on an incline for the first days following the procedure. Patients should keep their upper body slightly raised as well as bend their knees at an angle while sleeping to reduce swelling. It’ll be helpful for patients to place pillows underneath their knees to not only reduce swelling but the amount of pressure put on the abdomen. 

Though patients are encouraged to take things easy and avoid strenuous activity after surgery, patients should keep moving. Light exercises such as short walks can help keep the blood flowing which decreases the chances of a blood clot and helps with the healing process. Aside from very light activity, patients should rest as much as they can.

The first week of recovery will include patients taking care of their drain tubes. Patients should also be prepared to wear an abdominal pressure garment throughout their recovery. Their surgeon will teach them how to care for themselves as they heal because it’s important for patients to take the necessary steps to properly maintain their results.

If you have questions about the recovery process for a tummy tuck, don’t hesitate to set up a free appointment with one of the qualified professionals at the Seduction Cosmetic Center.

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