How Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Work In Miami?

How Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Work

It’s not uncommon for people to feel insecure in their body, especially their backside. With the magic of cosmetic surgery, patients can get a butt enhancement that they can be confident in. There are many ways patients can enlarge their buttocks, a common procedure being a Brazilian butt lift. The surgery has gained a lot of popularity, but how does a Miami Brazilian butt lift work?

Why Brazilian Butt Lifts are so popular in Miami

One of the reasons why a Brazilian butt lift in Miami is so popular is because it not only enlarges the butt but also removes unwanted fat from the body. 

Because it uses natural fat, Brazilian butt lifts tend to have more natural-looking results compared to butt implants. It has a lower risk of infection compared to other butt enhancing surgeries. It also creates more roundness in the back to contribute to the natural look of the results. This can even sometimes fix figure imbalances, especially imbalances that make it difficult for patients to wear clothes comfortably. The surgery can also target sagginess and shapelessness in the butt that can occur with age.

BBL procedure

The surgeon uses a liposuction tool to remove fat from different parts of the body such as the stomach, arms, hips, or thighs. The fat is then injected into the patient’s butt to result in a bigger and more youthful-looking butt.

The incisions used for the procedure are very small and usually placed in the natural creases of the skin where they can be easily concealed. These scars should fade over time and become virtually invisible to the naked eye. Patients will need specific pillows to avoid putting too much pressure on their buttocks but they will see their results immediately after the surgery. 

Candidate for a BBL

To be a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift, a patient should have enough fat for removal. They should also be non-smokers however, patients may still be eligible for the surgery if they do smoke.

To know if you’re a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift, set up a free appointment with one of the many experts at Seduction Cosmetic Center.


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