Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Better Than Butt Implants?


We all want a nice butt, but we don’t always want to go the invasive or expensive route. Some people are wondering if, Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Better Than Butt Implants?

Many people are wondering if they should go with implants or a BBL, but most are too intimidated by the thought of going under the knife.

Brazilian Butt Lift have become increasingly popular over the past few years and for good reason. They deliver instant results and last for years.

About Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure in which fat is extracted from an area of ​​the body, such as the stomach or thighs, and then injected into the gluteal region to enhance the silhouette and give it more volume.

About Butt Implants?

Butt implants are a cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance the size, shape, and contour of the buttocks. Butt implants can be used for both male and female patients. This implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient setting or surgical facility.

What’s the Difference Between Butt Implants and BBL?

The main difference between both procedures is that with Buttock Implants, an incision is made to insert the implant and with BBL liposuction is performed in an area of ​​the body to extract the fat and transfer it to the buttock, leaving a very small scar.

Benefits of a BBL over a Butt Implant

There are multiple benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift over most butt implant procedures.

  1. A significant increase in the size of your buttock.
  2. No surgery is required.
  3. Recovery time is quicker than that for butt implants.
  4. There is less risk of infection or tissue rejection.
  5. Improve Your Body’s Proportions.
  6. Natural Look and Feel.
  7. Reduces fat deposits on areas of the body.
  8. Long-Lasting Results.
  9. Cellulite Is Less Visible.
  10. Quick Results.
  11. Your Clothing Will Be More Flattering.
  12. Etc.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate for A BBL?

  • The ideal candidate for a BBL is someone who has the following characteristics:
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • You are in good physical and psychological health.
  • It’s good that you have realistic expectations.
  • Do not smoke.
  • You are concerned about your appearance in your butt.
  • Be aware of the possible risks and complications.
  • Your butt is asymmetrical.
  • Roundness or general shape of your butt is not to your satisfaction.
  • Want a more attractive backside.

What to Expect From a BBL Procedure?

The recovery process of Brazilian Butt Lift varies from person to person. It can take anywhere between one week to six months for the recovery process to be completed. The recovery time largely depends on the individual’s body type, lifestyle, age, fitness level, and weight loss goals.

The time it takes for a patient to recover post-procedure also depends on how much fat was removed during surgery. The more fat that was removed during surgery, the longer it will take for someone to recover from a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

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Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami, FL

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