Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Better Than Butt Implants?


It’s not unusual for people to want to change something about their body. For many individuals, one part of the body they may want to change is their butt. Before plastic surgery, people had to depend on butt exercises to get the butt they desire but there are times when squats simply aren’t enough. This is when people may want to learn what Miami cosmetic surgery has to offer.

For individuals who want a bigger butt, they may look into undergoing a Brazilian butt lift in Miami or getting butt implants. Though both surgeries have successfully helped people enlarge their butt, these two procedures are not the same. In fact, some experts encourage patients to get a Brazilian butt lift over butt implants.

Brazilian butt lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgery that enhances the butt by utilizing the body’s natural fat. To do this, patients must receive liposuction which involves vacuuming fat from the body by using a long thin tube called a cannula. Once the fat is removed, the surgeon harvests the fat so it’s prepared to be injected into the butt. The fat is then strategically placed in the butt to provide patients with a bigger, more plump butt that they can be confident in.

Butt implants live up to their name. This procedure uses silicone butt implants that are designed to mimic natural body fat. The implants are placed inside the patient’s butt resulting in a larger butt that is more youthful-looking. Butt implants are ideal for patients who have little-to-no fat in their butt, however; they may not be ideal for patients who already have some junk in the trunk, so to speak.

Flat or small butt

Because a Brazilian butt lift can be performed on people with a flat butt or a small butt, it can be a more inclusive surgery. Also, a Brazilian butt lift uses natural fat which can sometimes make the results more natural-looking than butt implants.

Not only that, a Brazilian butt lift is a two-step procedure that involves liposuction and fat grafting. Due to the fat being moved around, many patients can slim down their waist while enlarging their butt. A butt implant just focuses on the butt. Compared to implants, a Brazilian butt lift is less likely to have complications or result in infections. It can also address sagginess in the butt that may occur with age.

Whether a patient decides to receive butt implants or undergo a Brazilian butt lift surgery, both procedures will most likely give patients what they want: a bigger butt. It is best for patients to speak to a professional about which surgery will be best for them. To learn more about the differences between these two procedures, set up a free consultation with one of the many qualified surgeons at the Seduction Cosmetic Center.

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