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BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift

The effects that age can have on women’s bodies often hit worst in places where they once prided themselves. Where once curves and firm shapeliness presented the body of a confident young woman, years of wear can drag skin, muscle and fat downward, causing the body to sag and lose its shape. The butt is one such place where these effects can manifest. This can be difficult for many women, since so much of confidence stems from comfort and pride in one’s own body. For a part of the body like the butt that carries so much importance for societal beauty standards, this is especially true. Confidence and positive self-image are more important than ever for women as they enter into a stage of life that is so full of fresh self-discovery and exploration.

So, how can women who either do not have the genetics to keep a perfectly filled-out butt or the time to put in the countless hours at the gym do so? Fortunately, one of the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States exists to answer this exact dilemma.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that is used to round out and lift up the buttocks of the patient. There are two methods that are currently used to do so. One method is the implant technique, which, as the name implies, places implants in each buttock to create the desired shape and size. This is often the less preferred method, as the implants are too frequently rejected by the patient’s body and do not mold to a smooth and curvy natural shape. The second, more popular method is a fat transfer. In this procedure, liposuction is used to remove unwanted fat from areas such as the stomach, hips, or thighs. This fat is then processed so that only the most ideal fat cells are used in the ensuing transfer. These remaining fat cells are reinjected into the buttocks, where they help fill out its shape and size, also lifting it up and creating a perkier, more youthful shape.

Many recipients of this latter form of BBL sing its praises for the dual-purpose it serves, creating a slenderer figure while simultaneously returning the buttocks to its original firm and curvy shape. The result is a complete reproportioning of the body, from drooping and flabby to slimmed down and perked up. It’s easy to see why this procedure has become a go-to for taking years off a woman’s body.

What does recovery look like?

The BBL procedure can take a couple of hours to complete, with the duration varying depending on the amount of liposuction that is being completed. Patients will need to meet a minimum requirement of body fat percentage in order to have sufficient fat to be transplanted. Once the procedure is completed, recovery from a BBL is similar to that of liposuction. Compression garments are worn for two to three months afterwards in order to reduce swelling and tighten up the skin at the sight of the transplants. This ensures that when the healing is completed, your butt is left well-rounded and perky. Healing generally takes three to six months to be fully completed, but the liposuction method leaves behind almost no evidence of the operation, with only tiny incisions necessary to insert the tubes that withdraw and insert the fat cells. The results from a BBL are also typically permanent, with no follow-up procedures or major lifestyle changes required.

Why is a Brazilian Butt Lift right for me?

Confidence is something that should never fade as the years go by. At the same time, a woman’s ability to maintain the same aspects of her body that help her to feel positive about herself does not remain the same. The BBL is about taking the reins over your own body where you might not have had the ability to do so otherwise. Busy schedules and the effects of time should never keep you from being the stunning and confident woman you’ve always been. The wonderful thing about the fat transfer version of this procedure is that it does not impose the same kinds of radical changes upon you that some procedures demand. Instead, it simply seeks to reapportion what you already possess to best fit your body’s own unique brand of beautiful. We are Miami plastic surgery.

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