Reclaim Your Pre-Baby Body with Mommy Makeover

reclaim your prebaby body

Following a pregnancy, genetics and (to some degree) lifestyle will largely determine whether you return quickly to your pre-baby profile or need some help in reclaiming the shape you remember.

The experienced plastic surgeons of Seduction Cosmetic Center in Miami often recommend a mommy makeover — a combination of procedures performed together as a way to target weakened or separated abdominal muscles, sagging breasts and folds of skin that arrived along with your baby.

Most women gain at least 25 pounds during pregnancy, often more. This extra fat settles in the hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and breasts. When the abdominal wall can no longer contain this weight gain, an unwanted bulge appears; this so-called “pooch” can be highly resistant to your best weight loss efforts, including healthy food choices and regular exercise.

As your baby matures within, your skin expands to accommodate a larger abdomen, breaking down collagen and creating stretch marks. After your pregnancy, fat will often stubbornly linger in areas that were once fit and trim. Meanwhile, rapid weight loss in the breasts after breastfeeding may actually lead to sagging or a “pancake” look.

Many Choices

The skilled plastic surgeons of Seduction Cosmetic Center in Miami have helped hundreds of women turn back the clock with mommy makeover procedures. A mommy makeover may include:

• Liposuction, to target specific areas of stubborn fat
• Tummy tuck, to repair the abdominal wall and pare away excess folds of skin
• Breast lift to restore the natural profile and firmness to breasts
• Breast augmentation with implants, to restore volume lost through pregnancy and breastfeeding

Many women like to add a few extras to their mommy makeover for an even more dramatic transformation. Laser skin treatments and chemical peels revitalize the complexion, and dermal fillers can erase fine lines and add volume to lips.

Every day is a great day to treat mom (or for mom to reward herself), but in the case of mommy makeover, the trusted plastic surgeons of Seduction Cosmetic Center in Miami recommend that you wait at least 6 months after childbirth before making any final decisions. At that point you will know how much of the weight of pregnancy was temporary, and which areas are likely to respond best to a surgical solution.

If you would like to know more, we invite you to schedule a consultation with the trusted Miami plastic surgeons of Seduction Cosmetic Center by contacting our team today.

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