Recovering After Surgery: A Brazilian Butt Lift


Though plastic surgery continues to be a successful option for people who want to boost their self-confidence by fixing a specific insecurity, many people may still be hesitant to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery in Miami. One of the reasons people may be intimidated by surgery is not knowing what to expect when recovering.

When it comes to a Brazilian butt lift, some people may be additionally intimidated since the procedure also involves liposuction. Compared to other surgeries, cosmetic or not, a Brazilian butt lift has a surprisingly easy recovery process.

About Brazilian butt lift

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgery designed to enhance the patient’s butt. This enhancement is mostly seen as a butt enlargement but a Brazilian butt lift in Miami can also address shapelessness or sagginess that may occur with age. Not only that, a Brazilian butt lift can slim down the body which is why many patients who undergo the procedure end up with a smaller waist and bigger butt.

The surgery entails vacuuming fat out of the body using a cannula, a long thin tube used for liposuction. Though the stomach and waist is where many patients want fat removed, the fat can be removed from the thighs, arms, and anywhere else where fat is stored. Once the fat is removed, it is carefully prepared to be injected into the butt. Since most of the procedure involves using a thin tub and injections, it leaves little to no scarring which can make the recovery easier than perhaps butt implants.

Recovery from BBL

Patients will experience swelling, pain, and bruising their first week following surgery. For the first two weeks after the procedure, patients are encouraged to not sit on their butt and to sleep on their stomach or side. It’ll take weeks for the butt to completely heal but patients will be able to see their results almost immediately. 

Though results will be noticeable instantly, patients should expect to see their permanent results a few months following the procedure. This is because the body will absorb some of the natural fat injected into the butt. This is the body getting accustomed to the new fat. The absorption should be minimal and the natural fat will result in more natural-looking results. 

When it comes to the specifics of recovery, it’s important for patients to follow their doctor’s postoperative instructions, especially to avoid any infections. To learn more about what the recovery process is like for a Miami Brazilian butt lift, feel free to set up a consultation with one of the experienced surgeons at Seduction Cosmetic Center.

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