The Importance of American Board of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Certification

Board-certified plastic surgeons are highly trained in plastic surgery. With any form of operation, it’s vital that patients seek out a specialist who is board-certified in their chosen field of practice. This is especially true, according to Seduction Cosmetic Center, within the plastic surgery sector, where selecting a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery or a corresponding organization is vital.


“By choosing a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, patients can be confident that they are safe in the hands of a highly qualified individual,” says a Seduction Cosmetic Center spokesperson, “and one that they can trust wholeheartedly.”


Those certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery are held to the highest standards, furnished with the best training, and boast often-unparalleled expertise within ethical practice in the medical specialty of cosmetic surgery, according to both Seduction Cosmetic Center and the American Board of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery itself. “By selecting only a board-certified plastic surgeon, you’re choosing,” says Seduction Cosmetic Center, “a genuine and proven cosmetic surgery specialist who is an expert in their field.”


Operating for over 20 years, Seduction Cosmetic Center is a facility located in Miami, Florida. Seduction Cosmetic Center has two locations – one in Westchester, and another in Coral Gables, each with two fully equipped operating rooms. “We’ve been bringing out the best in people for over two decades,” says Seduction Cosmetic Center’s website, “with some of the best cosmetic plastic surgeons in Miami on hand, and right at your side.”


All of Seduction Cosmetic Center’s surgeons are certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. Their work is further backed up with years of experience in successful practice, according to the family-owned plastic surgery clinic, now well established in both Westchester and Coral Gables.


What’s more, Seduction Cosmetic Center is soon set to inaugurate a brand new facility with eight state of the art operating rooms, eight private pre-operative suites, and hospital-grade post-anesthesia recovery areas, according to Seduction Cosmetic Center’s team. “The new Seduction Cosmetic Center location will also provide patients with a beautiful anti-aging medical spa, complete with sauna and steam room,” adds a Seduction Cosmetic Center representative, “plus hair and nail salon, and ten further treatment rooms offering highly innovative non-surgical procedures.”


Seduction Cosmetic Center and its team of board-certified plastic surgeons have spoken at length recently on a range of helpful and highly informative topics tied to their particular field of care. Topics covered by Seduction Cosmetic Center thus far include the difference between breast augmentation and breast lift procedures, what patients should know about so-called Brazilian butt lifts, how a tummy tuck can improve appearances, top post-surgery tips and advice, the incredible technique behind Lipo 360, and more. Seduction Cosmetic Center also recently surpassed 100,000 followers on leading photo-sharing platform, Instagram.

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