What To Know Before Getting A Breast Fat Transfer Surgery

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Plastic Surgery has been evolving for years but what hasn’t changed is its purpose to help patients gain or regain confidence in their bodies. Whether an individual is insecure about acne scars or a part of their face, cosmetic surgery can potentially give patients their ideal body. This can be accomplished through a variety of surgeries, one being a breast fat transfer surgery.

About Breast Fat Transfer

A breast fat transfer surgery is a procedure that entails fat grafting. Fat grafting involves removing fat from the body through liposuction. This is done by the surgeon using a long thin tube called a cannula to target fat deposits and vacuum the fat out. A breast fat transfer involves the surgeons utilizing that fat to enhance the patient’s breast size by injecting the harvested fat into the breasts. In this article, we are going to tell you Fat Transfer To Breast Pros and Cons.

Benefits of Breast Fat Transfer

The procedure has a lot of benefits. Its popularity stems from the fact that it can slim down the patient while also giving patients natural-looking results since it utilizes natural fat. However, potential patients should know that a breast fat transfer will not drastically increase their breast size.

Patients can go up to one bra size, meaning it’s best to expect marginal yet noticeable change but not a dramatic one. For patients who want their breasts to go up two cup sizes or more, it’s ideal for them to receive breast implants in Miami.

Fortunately, it’s easy to be a good candidate for a breast fat transfer. Overall, it’s a surgery that requires the patient to have body fat but most importantly, lead a healthy lifestyle. The best candidates are ones who don’t smoke since nicotine can impact the healing process. This doesn’t mean that smokers can’t receive the procedure but it does mean they should quit smoking weeks before the surgery. 

Though patients will be able to see results almost immediately following the surgery, patients should be prepared for the body to absorb some of the fat injected in the breasts. This can take months but should only slightly affect the results.  Check out our Fat Transfer To Breast Before and After gallery.

Recovery from Breast Fat Transfer 

The recovery for the procedure is relatively short with patients resuming normal activities a few days after the surgery. This doesn’t mean patients should participate in strenuous activity. It’s smart for patients to take it easy for a couple of weeks but the specifics of recovery time is dependent on the post-operative instructions given by a doctor. If you have questions about a breast fat transfer surgery, you’re encouraged to make an appointment with one of the many expert surgeons at the Miami Plastic Surgery center at Seduction Cosmetic Center.

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