What You Should Know About Brazilian Butt Lifts


Florida-based Seduction Cosmetics Center outlines what it says patients should know about so-called Brazilian butt lifts.


As stated by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, a Brazilian butt lift or BBL Miami  a procedure that augments the buttocks without implants. Instead, excess fat is removed from the abdomen, hips, thighs, and elsewhere via liposuction. A portion of this fat is then injected into the buttocks via specialized fat transfer, according to the official home of board-certified cosmetic surgeons, by which all of Seduction Cosmetics Center’s surgeons are accredited, backed up with years of experience in successful practice.


“It’s an increasingly popular procedure,” explains a Seduction Cosmetics Center spokesperson. Those contemplating a BBL Miami or Brazilian butt lift procedure should, however, they say, know a number of key things.


First and foremost, the Florida-based plastic surgery clinic points out, reiterating the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, a so-called BBL is not the same as getting butt implants. “A Brazilian butt lift is, in fact, far superior,” suggests Seduction Cosmetics Center.


Offering lasting enhancement without implants, the two-part procedure, by its very nature, offers twice the benefit, according to Seduction Cosmetics Center. “By combining liposuction and buttock augmentation in one, the treatment is twice as noticeable, slimming the abdomen, hips, and thighs, while boosting the butt area,” they explain.


The next thing that patients should know, Seduction Cosmetics Center reports, is how long-lasting the enhancement is. “Often, people see the BBL procedure as less long-lasting than implants,” reveals the plastic surgery clinic.

BBL Miami

A type of what’s known as fat grafting, Brazilian butt lifts are distinct from temporary cosmetic solutions, such as dermal fillers. “Unlike with temporary dermal fillers, grafted fat becomes a lasting part of a patient’s body,” adds Seduction Cosmetics Center’s spokesperson.


Seduction Cosmetics Center further touches briefly on recovery, advising that sitting normally will likely need to be limited for around two weeks post-operation. Instead, a patient will be encouraged to rest on their front or side for the duration, and until the procedure has fully healed.


Finally, and arguably most importantly, Seduction Cosmetics Center touches upon choosing the right surgeon.


“The BBL Miami is a particularly specialized procedure within plastic surgery,” they advise. An expert hand, Seduction Cosmetics Center says, is called for in order to achieve the best possible results, so choosing a surgeon should involve careful consideration. “Ask to see previous BBL work completed by any surgeon,” they add, “and make sure that any questions you have are answered fully.”


Seduction Cosmetics Center is located in Miami, Florida. Operating for over 15 years, Seduction Cosmetics Center has two locations—Westchester and Coral Gables—each of which boasts two fully equipped operating rooms. Seduction Cosmetics Center is also soon due to inaugurate a further, brand new facility with a total of eight state of the art operating rooms, private preoperative suites, and hospital grade post-anesthesia recovery areas.


The new Seduction Cosmetics Center site will also provide patients with access to a beautiful, anti-aging medical spa, complete with sauna and steam room. “A hair and nail salon, plus ten further treatment rooms, will offer a variety of non-surgical procedures, too,” adds a Seduction Cosmetics Center representative, wrapping up.

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