Who Is A Good Candidate For A Gastric Sleeve Surgery?


It’s not uncommon for people to struggle with their weight. Some people desire to gain weight while others desire to lose weight. Individuals who are obese may struggle more to lose weight more than someone who isn’t overweight. This could not only take a toll on their self-confidence but on their health as well. When the weight becomes too heavy, patients may look into getting a gastric sleeve.

What is a Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric sleeve surgery in Miami is a procedure known for helping people lose weight and keep the weight off. The bariatric surgery involves the surgeon reducing the size of the stomach to the size of a banana. The surgery is performed laparoscopically which means the surgeon uses a thin tube with a camera called a laparoscope. This allows the surgeon to make small incisions to perform the surgery so it isn’t an open surgery and won’t leave noticeable scars. Though the surgery isn’t invasive, not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure.

About candidates

A gastric sleeve surgery aims to help overweight and/or obese individuals lose weight. Therefore candidates for the surgery should be a certain size. Weight looks different on everyone which is why doctors lean on the body mass index (BMI) of the patient rather than just their size. Ideally, patients should have a BMI score that is 40 or higher.

For patients who have a lower BMI but still want to benefit from the surgery, their BMI should not be below 35 though this number may vary patient to patient. Because a BMI of over 35 or higher is still a little low, patients will make a better candidate if they had one or more significant conditions related to their weight. Since the surgery aims to help people who have tried but failed at losing or keeping weight off, it’s ideal for patients to have at least tried to lose weight through diet and exercise.

Potential patients should also be nonsmokers. Nicotine has a negative impact on the healing process and it’s imperative for patients, especially overweight patients, to heal properly. Though smokers may still be eligible for the procedure, they must quit weeks before the procedure. If you want to know if you’re a good candidate for a gastric sleeve surgery, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the many experienced surgeons at the Seduction Cosmetic Center.

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