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Significantly Younger Look without Surgery in Miami, FL

If you’d like a significantly younger look, or have recently noticed fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you don’t have to have a face lift. One of the most tried and true ways to get rid of those fine lines around your eyes, lips, and elsewhere on your face is Botox. Botox injections remain one of the top choices for those who want to keep the signs of aging from changing the way they look. Seduction Cosmetic Center™ specializes in providing their patients with Botox injections to stay looking as young as they feel.

Botox Ingredients

Botox was created from botulism toxin. While this sounds dangerous, it remains perfectly safe for human use. The toxin gets processed and diluted for both medical and cosmetic uses. Plus, Botox use remains the go-to choice for many people and professionals who deal with facial wrinkles. It was first approved by the FDA in 1989, and remains safe for most people to use. The injections become developed to treat areas where muscles contract.

How does Botox Work?

Botox helps both men and women who want to rid themselves of wrinkles which occur. People who care about how they look frequently choose Botox as a medical treatment and a non-surgical substitute for a face lift to treat areas of the face and neck such as:

• Neck and facial wrinkles.
• Eye crow’s feet.
• Strabismus (lazy eye syndrome).
• Uncontrolled blinking (Blepharospasm).
• Hyperhydrosis.
• And for a variety of muscular conditions.
• Frown lines.
• Forehead wrinkles.
* Basically any facial muscle used to express an emotion (frown, smile, cry, etc.).

Using Botox injections can both prevent facial wrinkles and eliminate them if they’ve already formed.

Botox-the Procedure

Injections of Botox are scheduled as an outpatient procedure. No surgery occurs during this wrinkle-removing session. Botox gets injected into the skin in the area being treated on your face using an extremely thin needle. The process usually takes about 15 minutes. You don’t have any recovery or down-time. You can immediately get back to your life, appointments, and responsibilities. Most patients report that they experience slight to no discomfort during the injections. Seduction Cosmetic Center™ can provide local anesthesia for those concerned about discomfort, however.

How does Botox Work?

Botox injections come from an injectable form of botulism toxin. In small, diluted quantities, this injectable smooths your skin by relaxing your muscles in your face. Nerves get temporarily blocked, and wrinkles become reduced or invisible.

Some people say that Botox treatment makes your face look plastic or unnatural. This statement remains untrue. While Botox gets injected into the muscles of the face, you’ll still get to show emotion. When you get the injections from a highly trained specialist, such as those at Seduction Cosmetic Center™, you’ll get the benefits of a smooth face and still remain able to display emotions.

The Benefits of Botox

Many people think that using Botox gets considered only by older individuals. But many people of a wide variety of ages use Botox for a lot of reasons. Our doctors use Botox injections to:

• Lesson the wrinkles in your forehead that make you look angry, even when you’re not angry.
• Reduce established wrinkles.
• Prevent potential wrinkles.
• Enhance some facial features.
Change the position of your eyebrows without the use of surgery.

What Results Can Botox Injections Give Me?

In most cases, Botox injections give those treated remarkable results after only one visit. You’ll notice the initial results within two to four days after the injections happen. Some people notice their best results after seven days. While results are fast and impressive, they don’t last forever. Eventually you’ll need to go back to Seduction Cosmetic Center™ for further injections or treatments to keep your skin younger looking. Most people notice that their injections work for about three to six months.

Eventually, your facial muscle activity returns to its normal levels. At that point, more Botox treatments become necessary. One of the many good aspects of continuing Botox injections remains that the more injections you get, the longer they last. So you might need four injections one year, and only two treatments the following year.

Additional Information about Botox Injections

Thirty years after the first procedures using Botox were used the side effects of using Botox remain very rare. Numbness and bruising remain the two primary side effects of these shots, and fade quickly after treatment. Also, please tell your doctor about your medical history or any conditions you might have before treatment. Also, please provide the physician with a complete list of medications and supplements you take. Like most medical processes and medications, pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t use Botox.

Your doctor gives each person using Botox a list of do’s and don’ts after treatment. Please follow these instructions exactly for the best results. Don’t rub or massage the area of treatment until you receive the results you desire from the injections. Your doctor will discuss all the aspects of Botox injections with you at the time of your Botox injections.

Candidates for Botox

Seduction Cosmetics Center™ recommends that you use Botox for a younger appearance if you can:

• Define why you wish treatment.
• Understand what Botox can and can’t do for you.
• Accept responsibility for your treatment choices.
• Show that you’re emotionally and physically stable.
• Show that you can make good health choices.
* Have realistic expectations of the results of your injections.

If you’d love to treat yourself to looking younger safely and without surgery, please contact Seduction Cosmetic Center™ today for additional information.

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