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breast lift procedure in Miami may last approximately one to four hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure and whether an additional procedure, such as breast augmentation, is performed at the same time. Some patients choose to combine a Miami breast lift and augmentation. A lift with implants can simultaneously lift and fill out the breasts, more effectively returning them to a youthful and perky appearance. This is not essential of course, as breast lifts without implants are routinely performed.

Recovery From a Breast Lift in miami

Your physician may recommend that you wear a type of compression garment following your procedure. The recovery time is relatively short. You may experience some minor pain, bruising, and swelling, as well as numbness around the areola all of which should subside in several weeks. Although you may feel well enough to return to work in approximately one week, you should continue to avoid strenuous activity such as exercise for three or four weeks after your procedure to allow your body sufficient time to heal.
Some minor scarring can occur as a result of this procedure, although scars are relatively small and discrete.

Other Breast Lifting Methods

There is no nonsurgical method for increasing breast size, however breast lifting exercises do exist that may help. Any exercise that develops the pectoral muscles can help to lift up the breasts and improve their appearance. Using exercises to lift breasts requires commitment to a training regime and the effects will fade as soon as you stop regularly performing these exercises. For this reason, non-surgical breast lift methods are not typically long-term solutions.

The vampire breast lift in Miami is another option that has only recently become popular. In this method, blood is taken from some other part of the body, centrifuged to separate platelet-rich plasma, and then reinjected into the breasts. Vampire breast lifts will not do much to increase breast size, but they can help with breast shape.

How Much Does a Breast Lift Cost in Miami?

In 2018, the average cost of a breast lift in the US was $4,816. As with any surgical procedure though, breast lift price can vary depending on the geographical location you’re having the procedure performed in.

If you choose to add another element, such as a breast reduction to your procedure, this will also affect the price. Miami breast reduction and lift cost together will be predictably higher than a lift on its own.

Breast lift before and after

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