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Tummy Tuck in Miami

What Is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure that targets loose skin and weakened muscles that may have developed in the abdominal area as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or the passage of time.

Maintaining a fit, toned stomach is difficult for most of us as we age. Flabbiness around the midsection can be extremely resistant to our most determined weight loss and fitness efforts. That’s because whether you develop loose, hanging skin and fat at the belly has a lot to do with the condition of your abdominal muscles, the elasticity of your skin, and even genetics. Using the most advanced techniques, the skilled Miami plastic surgeons of Seduction Cosmetic Center™ in Miami fortify abdominal muscles and remove folds of skin to reveal a taut stomach and slimmer profile.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Miami

Beyond the satisfaction of reclaiming a well-toned stomach, one of the greatest benefits of tummy tuck in Miami is the new confidence you’ll feel. You will suddenly enjoy social interactions more, and find simple activities such as going to the beach or playing tennis more fulfilling.

There can be unexpected benefits, too: Tummy tuck is not a solution for stretch marks, but often it is a welcome partial side effect. If stretch marks are located on skin that will be removed during surgery, they may be completely eliminated. Skin outside the area targeted by the procedure will not see a visible difference in stretch marks.

Miami Tummy tuck may also reduce your chance of developing stress urinary incontinence, as well as improve some types of hernias. A tighter abdomen also seems to be associated with better posture and successful weight management.

Another great benefit is that the results of tummy tuck are long-lasting. In the absence of a new pregnancy or major weight gain, your stomach muscles and skin will stay firm, subject only to the loosening we naturally experience as we age.

Are You a Good Candidate for Abdominoplasty?

The best candidates for tummy tuck are men and women who have loose skin on the abdomen or areas of fat that do not respond well to diet and exercise. Women with a “pooch” on the lower abdomen as a result of weakened or damaged muscles from pregnancy are especially good candidates for tummy tuck.

Adults who have lost significant weight and now notice loose folds on the belly because of reduced skin elasticity are also good candidates for the procedure. Tummy tuck is not a weight loss strategy, however. In fact, patients should be as close to their ideal weight as possible before considering the surgery.

Abdominoplasty Procedure Miami

After general anesthesia is administered, your experienced plastic surgeon will make an incision in the lower abdomen and separate skin from tissue, suctioning out some of the fat, reconstructing the abdominal wall and tightening the muscles. For more precise reshaping, patients sometimes opt for targeted liposuction to clear out pockets of fat in the abdomen or flanks.

Next, your doctor will pull the skin tight and remove the excess amount. If a substantial amount of skin is removed, the belly button may also need to be repositioned. The final step is to suture the incision and place bandages over the area.

Tummy Tuck Recovery Miami

As long as you’re careful not to put excessive strain on your abdomen, your tummy tuck recovery time in Miami will go smoothly. Many patients return to work in two to three weeks, but you may not feel fully up to speed for two months.

Pain is a short-term aspect of the recovery process, and swelling is a long-term feature. During the procedure, your doctor will apply a local anesthetic that will continue to suppress pain for up to three days. The doctor will provide you with instructions for managing any postoperative pain with over-the-counter medications.

Efficient healing requires that you wear a compression garment and avoid many physical activities. You should be able to walk around within a day or two, however. Walking is a great way to improve circulation, prevent blood clots and brighten your mood.

Tummy Tuck Cost Options Miami

Your skin may not always be as flexible as you’d like, but Seduction Cosmetic Center™ certainly is when it comes to financing your tummy tuck in Miami. A wide range of payment plans and loans are available, including options that are offered by our financing partners listed below. Call at your convenience to discuss which choices are best for you, or begin the process with an online application. We have the best plastic surgery in Miami.

To learn more about abdominoplasty in Miami and schedule a personal consultation at one of our three Miami offices, contact Seduction Cosmetic Center™ today.

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