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Nearly everyone has a spot where fat seems to collect. Whether you have thunder thighs or a sweet roll in your tummy area, that annoying chunk of excess spot fat doesn’t seem to want to go away. Losing weight doesn’t get rid of it. More exercise doesn’t touch it. That stubborn blob of fat won’t go away.

How can you rid yourself of that spot of fat? You can get a smoother-looking body using liposuction.

You can develop suborn, exercise-resistant fat on your:

• Belly
• Hips
• Thighs
• Neck
• Under your arms

If you’ve tried to eliminate excess isolated fat areas, liposuction remains the perfect choice for you to make.

About Traditional Liposuction

Both men and women have used traditional liposuction methods for the last few years. This procedure uses general anesthetic, which might cause more issues for the patient. This anesthetic increases possible safety problems for the patient. During the surgery, an incision gets made, and fat gets suctioned out of your body. The incision gets closed, and the healing process begins. Unfortunately, traditional liposuction remains invasive and takes quite an amount of recovery time. Also, pain and bruising occurs using traditional liposuction. So another type of liposuction was developed to speed recovery time and remain less strenuous on your body.

The Laser Liposuction Procedure

Laser Liposuction

Spot fat reduction is possible using laser liposuction. The minimally invasive product removes your isolated areas of fat and takes significantly less time for healing than do traditional liposuction.

The Procedure and It’s Benefits

Laser liposuction remains the latest development in removing fat from your body. This process uses tumescent rather than general anesthesia. During the surgery, diluted local anesthesia uses a diluted version of local anesthesia applied to the areas in question. Tumescent anesthesia allows for a safer procedure and less downtime for you, the patient. Also, the physician can make smoother contours and results because the patient remains mobile during the treatment.

Laser Lipolysis, another term for laser liposuction, uses a minimally invasive technique using laser tightening to destroy fat. A thin, tiny fiber is inserted into the treatment area, leaving very little damage done to your skin. A dose of low-wave laser energy heats and destroys fat and the tissue surrounding the targeted fatty tissue.

Areas of bleeding get cauterized. Fat becomes eliminated, and the area’s tissue becomes tighter. And this technique only takes about 20 minutes to an hour to complete.

Laser liposuction benefits also include:

• Markedly faster recovery times.
• Fewer risks to the patient than traditional liposuction.
• It stimulates collagen production, which assists in rejuvenating, tighter, younger-looking skin.
• Laser liposuction also can tighten your skin even without removing fat.

Should You Use Laser Liposuction?

To qualify for laser liposuction, you need to:

• Have a consultation with your laser liposuction specialist
• Be of good mental and physical health
• Weigh an appropriate amount for your height and size
• Exercise
• Still have a pocket of stubborn fat that won’t go away
• Understand that laser liposuction doesn’t occur to lose weight
• Understand the benefits and risks of laser liposuction
• Have a reasonable treatment goal or plan in mind with reasonable expectations for your results

Where can Laser Liposuction Occur?

You can have laser liposuction in the following areas:
• Neck.
• Back.
• Arms.
• Flanks.
• Hips.
• Both inner and outer thighs.
• Abdominal region.
• Knees.
• Calves.
• And ankles.

Your physician gives you a list of drugs and supplements to stop taking before the procedure. Don’t smoke, drink, or use drugs before, during, or after the liposuction. Because each of these procedures requires a unique treatment plan, please consult with your doctor when preparing for the laser liposuction and make any necessary arrangements.


Even though you’ll heal faster from laser liposuction than from the traditional procedure, you’ll still need to make plans for some time off. If you only have a small area done, a couple of days should be enough recovery time. But if you have a larger area treated, you need about one week’s rest from work or other responsibilities. This rest includes avoiding acute exercise or strenuous activity until permitted to exercise once more.
Healing time takes longer if you have a combination of traditional and laser liposuction.
Many physicians at Seduction Cosmetic Center™ highly recommend having lymphatic massage treatments as recommended to speed and improve your healing time.
Some patients wear compression bandages or something like Spanx to minimize swelling and bruising while healing, too.

Results and Healing Time

You’ll need a qualified, experienced doctor trained in laser liposuction for an excellent laser liposuction result. This physician needs an exceptional eye to the possibilities for improvement you can get with this liposuction. Each laser liposuction doctor also needs to understand and explain the laser used for the procedure.
Seduction Cosmetic Center™ provides you with a well-trained expert who can give you a look you desire and the utmost care and safety. Our caring professionals thoroughly inform you about your options using any of the procedures available.

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