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Cosmetic surgeries remain the most frequently done procedures in the United States. Even though cosmetic surgeries get done a lot, they’re still serious surgeries. One aspect of cosmetic surgeries that might not get treated as seriously as other types of surgeries includes taking care of you during the recovery period. In addition to following your doctor’s orders, another way to assist in your recovery remains to have post-surgical massage.

Post-surgical Massage

Your body gets exposed to stress during most types of surgery in the joints, tissues, and muscles. If you have post-surgical therapeutic massage, you can reduce pain levels and speed your recovery. The lymphatic system accumulates fluids as a natural function after some cosmetic surgeries, such as liposuction. Having post-surgery massage helps people recovering from surgery drain any excess fluids from their body, reduces swelling and pain, and can help you heal more quickly.

The benefits of post-surgical massage include:

• A reduction in bruising
• Relief of pain
• A lessening of swelling
• A normalization of the surgical area, reducing lumps and bumps
• Increased flexibility in the skin
• Reduced scarring
• Subcutaneous fibrosis prevention after having a liposuction procedure
• Tissue sensitivity normalization
• Relaxation of the nervous system

Massage after surgery also increases the activity of lymph nodes as well as giving skin tissue an increased amount of moisture. Bruising resolves and can disappear in as little as three days.

Draining of the lymph glands also removes toxins from your body, and helps you stay healthy while you heal. So you’ll have both an improved appearance and gain a healthier body, too.

When Should You Have a Post-Operative Massage?

You should tell your doctor that you’d like a post-operative lymphatic drainage massage. Most surgeons okay such massage about one week after the procedure. Our professionals recommend that lymphatic drainage massage occurs for one hour, and that you have 10 massage sessions after your surgery. These conditions might vary due to your personal health and recovery, so please follow your cosmetic surgeon’s advice. For instance, you might benefit from a 30 to 45 minute massage rather than a one hour massage.

Some people only have lymphatic drainage done after a surgery. You might discover that you feel much healthier in general after a few massages and decide to have this unique method of massage done routinely to feel an increased quality of life for the long term.

You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll heal after your tummy-tuck, liposuction, or other cosmetic procedures. Our massage specialists receive specific training on the specialty area of lymphatic drainage massage, so you’ll receive the best benefits.

About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Your lymphatic system remains a part of your circulatory system. It transports white blood cells, oxygen and nutrients through your body. The flow of the lymph gland can become slower after a surgery occurs, which slows down the body’s ability to heal. This phenomenon remains especially true if you haven’t led a completely healthy lifestyle.

Lymphatic draining massage enables the lymph flow to increase and for you rate of healing to increase. It also helps remove toxins that might hinder healing levels and rates. We at Seduction Cosmetic Center™ use lymphatic draining massage to help our patients heal more quickly, reduce pain and swelling, and prevent scarring.

Lymphatic drainage massage uses gentle pressure to the lymph node parts of your body. During the massage, lymph gets released into your bloodstream. This action carries healing cells and nutrients into your bloodstream, and carries waste from your body. Lymphatic massage uses the right amount of pressure given to lymphatic areas of the body in a rhythmic manner to receive the desired results.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Draining the lymphatic system provides benefits such as:

• Increasing circulation
• Improving the texture of your skin
• Removing toxins from your body
• Boosting your immune system
• Providing you with stress relief

Preparing for Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Before you have lymphatic drainage massage, you should drink lots of water to remain hydrated, remove toxins from your system, and to aid the drainage process. You should also wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment.

Recovering from Lymphatic Drainage Massage

You should drink plenty of water after this or any other massage to promote good circulation and healing benefits. You might also wish to rest after the massage ends. Other than rest and drinking water, you should go about the rest of your day as normal.

Lymphatic drainage massage remains one of the nicest actions you can take to help you recover from a cosmetic procedure. Or if you think your general health would benefit from lymphatic drainage massage but don’t need cosmetic surgery right now, we can help you. Our highly trained staff at Seduction Cosmetic Center™ can schedule your massage therapy when they schedule your cosmetic procedure, so you’ll be able to begin looking and feeling better right away. Please contact Seduction Cosmetic Center™ in Miami, FL for a consultation and more information today. We’ll help you gain a more beautiful and healthful body.

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