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Seduction Cosmetic Center™ in Miami, FL, can help you eliminate your varicose veins and spider veins and give you the clear, sexy legs you desire. We use the most advanced techniques available that utilize only minimally invasive procedures to clear up the dark veins on your legs.

Our treatment center treats visible and unsightly veins located on the:
• Chest
• Arms
• Legs
• Face
• Hands

Saphenous, perforator, varicose, reticular, and spider veins are also treated in our office. Whether you want treatment due to painful or unsightly veins, our staff can help you with your varicose veins.

Non-Surgical Vein Treatments

Only a few years ago, treating your varicose veins included surgery, general anesthesia, and vascular surgeons. These techniques used ligation, stripping, and Phlebectomy to rid you of unsightly veins. Now our vein treatments use such minimally invasive technologies to treat your vein issues such as:

• Duplex ultrasounds
• Medical lasers
• Endovenous ablation

Where surgeries, general anesthesia, and scalpels were used, now small needles and lasers treat venous issues. No hospitalization is needed, and treatments occur in an office setting. Modern non-invasive treatments remain much safer than surgery.
Some of the non-surgical methods used to improve the looks of veins include:

• Endovenous Laser Treatments for varicose veins
• Foam Sclerotherapy, which gets used to eliminate superficial leg veins
• Microphlebectomy, which removes superficial veins
• Laser vein removal for facial and chest vein elimination

Vein Therapy Treatments

Most vein therapies start with compression treatments for leg veins. Compression therapy uses compression stockings or bandages worn on your legs. This therapy used to be the only non-invasive option for leg vein issues. While these compression treatments might help aching legs look and feel better, better choices and better relief exist using modern techniques. Plus, compression bandages and hose don’t cure chronic venous problems like insufficiency.

Spider Vein Treatment using Sclerotherapy
Sclerotherapy remains a primary therapy used for treating:
• Large, blue veins (reticular veins)
• Spider veins
• Small, superficial veins

How Sclerotherapy Gets Used to Treat Veins

During Sclerotherapy, a sclerosing injection gets placed into a reticular or spider vein using a tiny needle. The sclerosing solution begins working immediately, and blood vessels collapse within seconds after the injection. Blood gets rerouted through your healthy veins, and ugly veins fade and disappear within a few weeks after treatment. Aching or burning in the legs and nighttime leg discomfort should go away after Sclerotherapy.

Spider veins are removed using some of the thinnest needles available to the medical world today. These small needles cause very little pain. After two or three treatments, your spider veins should fade away.

Using Endovenous Therapy

A gentle alternative to uncomfortable vein stripping surgery is endovenous laser treatment. These treatments use lasers to eliminate damaged superficial veins that work in conjunction with your deep vein system. Endovenous therapy remains non-invasive and gets done with the use of local anesthetics. A catheter or laser gets guided up the leg and positioned using duplex ultrasound. Laser energy is then used to collapse the varicose vein permanently. Your doctors at Seduction Cosmetic Center™ diagnose and recommend the type of vein issues you have and how to best treat them.

Foam Sclerotherapy for More Advanced Vein Disease

Foam sclerotherapy treats medium-sized varicose veins. It uses natural gas that turns into a foam that looks like shaving cream to treat bad veins with minimal discomfort or medication needed. A needle or catheter gets placed in a thread. Next, the foam becomes injected into the vein using duplex ultrasound imaging.

Microphlebectomy for Superficial Vein Removal

A microphlebectomy, or ambulatory phlebectomy, removes superficial vein bulging by using tiny punctures. The vein in question is then removed. Veins get treated using this method if they form too large for Sclerotherapy or form close to the skin for an Endovenous thermal procedure.

Microphlebectomy occurs under a local anesthetic in a doctor’s office. An incision or needle puncture about one mm long gets made, and a phlebectomy hook removes the damaged vein. The tiny incision made doesn’t usually need stitches. Areas of vein that don’t get removed clot off and bulging veins cease to exist. Little to no pain occurs during a microphlebectomy, and the patient can return to their regular activities. Compression remains frequently used to reduce swelling in the area.

Superficial Laser Vein Removal

Using laser and intense pulse light therapy eliminates spider or reticular veins on the chest and elsewhere on the body. The process might compliment Sclerotherapy or get used alone to treat superficial veins. Laser and intense pulse light therapy remain the most frequently used way to remove facial veins safely. In this process, the heat and energy from the lasers destroy the visible blood cell lines.

The experienced doctors and medical personnel at Seduction Cosmetic Center™ gained their excellent reputation for their exceptional skills. They gather information about your general health, get to know you, and make an accurate diagnosis of your vein issues before treating you. A complete examination of your veins gets done. An ultrasound might give them a closer look at your situation. Once a diagnosis occurs, your doctor discusses all treatment options with you to make the best decisions for your body. Please contact Seduction Cosmetic Center™ in Miami for more information and to schedule a consultation.

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