Neck Lift in Miami, Fl

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Neck Lift Surgery

One Seduction Cosmetic procedure that both women and men benefit from is the neck lift. Neck lifts remove excess skin and fat from your jawline. This action gives you a young, well-defined looking neck. Both men and women experience having excess skin, wrinkles, and throat that looks older than the person feels. Having a neck lift takes years off of your neck looks and makes a significant positive difference in your appearance.

Many of our patients combine a neck and a facelift to achieve maximum beauty enhancement in their facial regions. You might take excellent care of your face each day. But do you also care for the skin on your neck? If your neck shows signs of aging, you’ll want to consider having a neck lift.

Why Have a Neck Lift?

A neck lift creates a youthful-looking neck for people of all ages. You won’t need to wear turtleneck sweaters, high collars, and fancy scarves around your neck to camouflage its appearance. After a neck lift, you can wear a v-neck or low cut top once again with pride.

Candidates for a Neck Lift

You’re the right candidate for a neck lift if you want the following:

• A tighter, smoother look to your neck.
• You’ve tried diet and exercise, but your neck shape stays the same.
• You want to get back to your normal activities fairly quickly.
• You don’t want a lot of visible scarring.
• You’d like a nose job or a facelift at the same time as your neck lift.
• You comprehend what a neck lift can and can’t do for you.
• You’re generally healthy.

The Consultation

When you walk in our clinic’s door, you’ll notice our warm surroundings and friendly staff. Once you’ve met your doctor, please share your medical history and any drugs or supplements you take. Your doctor needs to hear what you want and understand the look you desire. Imaging might need to get done to help the doctor better understand your situation.

Please view the physician’s previous cosmetic procedures before and after pictures to better understand your possible results. Your Seduction Cosmetic Center™ professional can then assist you in making a plan for your cosmetic procedure or procedures.

Some additional procedures that work well with a neck lift include:
• A facelift.
• An eyebrow lift.
• Eyelid surgery.
• Skin resurfacing.
•Your face might get measured, and “before” pictures get taken before your neck lift.

Preparing for a Neck Lift

You might need to quit taking some drugs a week or two before your surgery to keep you safe. Aspirin and blood-thinners like warfarin should become discontinued, as should all products containing ibuprofen.
Smoking and drinking alcohol significantly slow down your recovery and promote skin wrinkling. It would be best to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and using various drugs and medications two weeks before your lift.

You’ll also need to make arrangements for a ride home from your neck lift. Someone also needs to stay with you overnight after the neck lift.

Please arrange for someone to drive you to and from the Seduction Cosmetic Center™. You might also need someone to stay with you for a few days after your treatment.

The Seduction Cosmetic Center™ Neck Lift

A neck lift might be performed using either local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia. A part of the neck lift usually includes liposuction to remove excess fat. An incision behind the ear and under the chin gives the surgeon access to the neck areas that require treatment. Removing the fat on your neck gives you a more defined neck appearance.

If you have structural issues that cause your neck to appear saggy, your doctor can advise you on the variety of surgeries that can be used to improve your neck’s appearance. Your doctor can tighten loose horizontal banding, loose muscles, and tighten your skin using more advanced cosmetic surgery techniques.

A simple neck lift takes from two to three hours. Additional procedures that get done with the neck lift, or a more complicated neck lift, might take longer.

After Your Neck Lift

It takes a few weeks for the neck lift’s swelling and bruising to recede after your neck lift. You’ll undoubtedly notice some improvement in the way your neck looks right away, however. To prevent swelling, keep your head above your heart. Also, keep your neck straight while mending without twisting or bending. Your physician might recommend wearing a compression garment around your neck to reduce swelling, too.

You might need to apply an antibiotic salve to your surgical areas, too. Please avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks after your procedure. Don’t use steam baths, saunas, drink alcohol, or smoke while you heal. While you’re healing, please remember to keep your skin out of the sun. Don’t wear clothes that get pulled over your head and might disrupt your stitches as they heal. Soon your Seduction Cosmetic neck lift will heal, and the minimal bruising and scars fade. You’ll have the beautiful, youthful neck you’ve always wanted. Please contact Seduction Cosmetic Center™ today to schedule a neck lift and a well-defined neck.

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