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Seduction Cosmetic’s greatest desire remains to keep you looking your best. When we age, certain factors take their toll on our skin and facial appearance. Some of these annoying features include:
• Age spots
• Wrinkles
• Too much sun exposure
• Acne scars

Fraxel laser treatment can repair some of the damage that occurred to our skin from maturing, acne, and sun exposure. It’s one of the newest and most innovative ways to improve the way skin looks and keep you looking younger and scar-free. Our expert team at Seduction Cosmetic Center™ loves to assist their patients in the Miami, FL. area look their best.

About the Fraxel Laser Skin Treatment

During a laser skin treatment, Fraxel lasers heat the surface of your skin for resurfacing. Fraxel lasers have the benefit of heating tissue without causing damage or destruction. It does focus on stimulating collagen, which replaces damaged tissue with new skin. This new skin gives you a revitalized appearance in a small amount of healing time.

The Three Kinds of Fraxel Lasers

Three unique lasers can provide you with the youthful look you desire. These three lasers include the:

• Fraxel Dual
• Fraxel Thulium
• Fraxel Restore

Each of these lasers gives you its unique form of skin benefits.

Fraxel Dual

The Fraxel Dual laser remains the treatment of choice for many of Seduction Cosmetic’s patients because it improves sun-damaged skin looks. Fraxel Dual is used for:
• Sun damage
• Age spots
• Brown spots
• Excess pigment issues
• Lessening acne scars in some cases

This laser primarily gets used on areas of the body including the:
• Neck
• Hands
• Back
• Chest
• Arms
• Legs

Fraxel Thulium

When using Fraxel Thulium, doctors can treat several skin issues at one time. Some of the skin issues addressed using this innovative laser include:
• Pre-cancerous areas
• Sunspots
• Age spots
• Rough skin
• Fine lines
• Wrinkles
• Surgical and acne scars
• Rosacea
* Hyperpigmentation and other types of skin discoloration

Fraxel Restore

Fraxel Restore remains one of the most advanced technologies for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots from your face. On top of these crucial treatments, the gentle, multipurpose Fraxel Restore also improves conditions such as:
• Actinic keratosis
• Acne scars
• Pregnancy “mask’, or melisma
• Surgical scars

Laser Skin Resurfacing

The most widely used method to restore a person’s skin in the cosmetic industry remains laser skin resurfacing. If a process becomes popular, you know there’s a good reason it gets done frequently. Many factors can damage skin, causing it to look either scarred or older or both. Resurfacing techniques work well and remain effective because they use the body’s healing process to rejuvenate and improve the way skin looks.

Why Use Fraxel Lasers?

Many kinds of lasers get used in the medical field. Fraxel lasers are utilized in cosmetic processes because they work in a non-ablative way. In lay terms, non-ablative lasers resurface gentler and in a less aggressive approach than some medically used lasers. So Fraxel lasers gently resurface your skin and leave it smooth, scar-free. Seduction Cosmetic Center™ employs the highly-trained and experienced staff needed to ensure that your skin’s appearance improves using the best gentle medical laser methods.

How do Fraxel Lasers Work?

Fraxel lasers remain one of the most popular ways to improve the way the surface of your skin looks without having a facelift. This non-surgical procedure uses a fractional laser process because only a fraction of your skin’s surface gets treated by the laser. Only some layers of your skin become treated with this laser. The skin under the surface doesn’t get processed by our laser. It can divide your skin into thousands of microscopic treatment zones, or MTZs. So only certain areas of your skin get treated.

The Fraxel Laster Treatment Process

Your first step remains to contact Seduction Cosmetic Center™ for a consultation on Fraxel Laser treatment. Our treatment team can design the right plan for you and your unique needs. Complete Fraxel Laser treatment takes routine visits of about three to five sessions. A three to four-week break remains needed between procedures. You’ll experience a visible improvement right away after each treatment, but the best results occur two to three months after your last session.

During each session, your skin gets cleaned, and a topical anesthetic is put on the area treated. Each laser session takes from 15 to 30 minutes.
After each session, the area treated might look red for a while. You can use an anti-inflammatory cream to relieve redness and any sensation you might feel. Don’t go out in the sun after the laser process, and please protect your skin from direct sunlight.

Candidates for Fraxel Laser Skin Rejuvenation

You’re a great candidate for this skin rejuvenation therapy if:
• You have a skin condition that doesn’t respond to less intense methods
• You have non-oily skin and don’t tend to form scars after small injuries
• Your skin feels supple and elastic
• You’re in generally good health
• You have reasonable expectations about your results
• You understand the possible side effects of Fraxel laser treatment and it’s benefits
• You have light to medium toned skin

If you have scars, spots, or lines on your face that bother you, please contact Seduction Cosmetic Center™ in Miami today for a consultation. Get started on your new, younger look now with Fraxel laser therapy.

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