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Smoothing out the tough spots

Maintaining a perfect figure is difficult at any age, but only gets more difficult as the years go by. Fat deposits can be exceptionally stubborn, no matter how many hours are spent in the gym each week. This can be a very demoralizing experience for women who feel that there truly isn’t any more they could be doing to shed the unwanted fat. Being the woman that you know you should be is important, not only for maintaining self-esteem, but also for presenting a strong figure for the people who are closest to you. This is precisely why we offer the corrective procedures that allow you to take the final step to being that woman you see in your mind’s eye.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is widely recognized as one of the simplest and safest plastic surgery procedures available. Under local anesthesia, patients can have excess fat removed from the face, neck chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, and arms, leaving them free from the stubborn rolls of skin, wrinkles and bulges that have built up. The recovery time in the wake of a liposuction procedure is also notably swift. Patients are generally able to return to normal activity levels within several days of the procedure, and more intensive activities such as exercise are possible within two to three weeks.

Liposuction Surgery

So, how are we able to contour and reform the shape of your body in only a few short hours or less? After administering the anesthetic, fluids are applied to the area of fat removal that aid in reducing blood loss and preparing the fat for greater ease of removal. In some cases, laser heat or ultrasonic waves may also be used to break up and liquify fat deposits so that they can be vacuumed out easier. Tiny incisions, often a centimeter in length or less are then made and a tube or cannula is inserted to suck out the targeted fat. In this way, the procedure leaves your skin as untouched as possible, ensuring that once you have completed your recovery, you are left with a beautiful and smooth body you can feel great about.

Liposuction Side Effects

Once the operation is completed patients can expect to start seeing noticeable results after the first week, with improvements continuing in the following weeks as the skin around the treated area adjusts to your new thinner shape. Swelling and bruising are normal and expected side effects of the procedure, and compression garments and ice application may be suggested to counteract this. Within the next several months, your skin’s elasticity will meld it smoothly to your leaner figure, finally producing the image of beauty and confidence you’ve been seeking.

Why is Lipo right for me?

Excess fat can be a difficult problem to confront. Many women simply have bodies that hold onto fat more tightly than others do. If that’s the case for your body this can be a hard reality to face, as it is completely out of your control, an issue of genetics and body chemistry rather than lifestyle choices and effort made to rectify it. This can leave you with all manner of mental difficulties, from confidence in social settings to harm to your self-worth on the whole. The important thing to remember is that no matter what physique your body expresses naturally, it doesn’t define you as a person. Of course, if it were as easy as believing that then it wouldn’t be such a widespread problem. Liposuction is about placing the self in your mind on an even footing with the self that you see in the mirror and display to others. It’s about looking the way that you feel, creating a more honest and empowered version of yourself.

When diet and exercise prove insufficient in your quest to be the woman you want to be, liposuction can be the difference that helps you to get there. If you struggle to find your way to that woman within you, then consider getting evaluated for a liposuction procedure today.

Liposuction before and after

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