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Dr. Marco Amarante

Plastic Surgeon

Throughout my career I have always worked to improve the experience of the patient, whether through researching new and better methods or teaching others to do so. I’ve held research fellowships at the Massachusetts General Hospital through Harvard University and at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I also currently hold scholarships for research from the National Council of Research of Brazil (CNPq) and the Medical College of Wisconsin and a research grant from the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation. In 1995 I even received the Bernd Spiessl Research Award for my efforts.

Dr Marco Amarante Plastic Surgeon Miami

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Ultimately, my research serves two purposes: to make the procedures we offer more effective at giving our patients the bodies they’ve dreamed of, and to ensure that they are as safe as possible. Safety and effectiveness together create the entire foundation on which we as  plastic surgeons operate. In entering this line of work, we pledge ourselves to helping people make positive changes to their lives in as safe and effective a manner as possible, and I take this to heart in everything that I do.

Cosmetic Surgery has the ability to accomplish so many wonderful things. With our procedures, we can repair body images, restore confidence and bring the light of self-love back into people’s lives. We can even change the lives of people who have suffered terrible injuries and been told that the scars left behind would last forever. Thanks to our constant advancement and improvements to the fields of cosmetic and plastic surgery, many of those people can move past their injuries and embrace the person they once were. I’m always looking for new opportunities to learn and spread my knowledge for the betterment of our field and the good of patients around the world. To this end, I’ve returned to the United States to continue my research and to teach others. I’ve authored and co-authored countless articles in some of the most renowned journals of plastic surgery and I’ve given presentations at numerous regional, national, and international conventions.

Since receiving my MD and MS at the University of São Paulo, I’ve spent over 22 years practicing plastic and reconstructive surgery. I am now a permanent resident of the United States and I look forward to continuing to provide the best in cosmetic service to the city of Miami and all those who come visiting to seek our expertise.

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