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Fat transfer breast augmentation Florida

If you’d like to increase your breasts’ size but keep a natural look, you might prefer having a fat transfer breast augmentation rather than a breast implant. People tend to have breast implants when they want a significant change in the size of their breasts. But if you’d like a small increase in your breasts’ size, having a fat transfer breast augmentation in Miami remains the correct choice for you.

You might want a fat transfer to augment your breast size if you have experienced changes in your breast size or shape due to:

• Age
• Fluctuating hormones
• Pregnancy
• Nursing

Miami Fat transfers for breast augmentation remain safe and effective for women who are dissatisfied with small breasts or have experienced changes in the breasts due to age, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, or nursing.

About Liposuction and Breast Fat Transfer Miami

Once a woman could only dream about moving her fat from one part of her body to her breasts. Now the cosmetic surgery dream has come true. Today’s plastic surgeons can remove weight from various areas around the body, such as:

• The abdomen
• The buttocks
• The hips

In some cases, implants still get placed in the breast, and fat transfer helps the increase in breast size look natural. Also, fat transfer keeps the implants from being seen through the existing skin. Only enough fat gets harvested to do the fat transfer, leaving your body looking normal.
New advancements recently made in fat grafting causes a reduction in the disruption of the fat cells harvested. Less disturbance means that your fat cells stay healthy and transfer to the breast area without incident. If your fat cells become sufficiently disturbed, they won’t become a part of your breasts and get absorbed into your body without amplifying your breasts’ shape.

This advancement also allows for the grafting procedure to be faster than other previous fat transfer breast augmentations. Once fat gets harvested, it gets treated and processed. Next, the prepared fat graft gets injected into your breast, where amplification is needed. Seduction Cosmetics’ surgeons become experts at liposuction and performing fat grafting injections to have their excellent reputation.

Benefits of Using Fat Grafting to Increase Breast Size

The most significant advantage of fat grafting to the breasts remains that your results appear natural-looking. You’ll also use tissue from your body and shouldn’t have any problems or reactions to that tissue.

About Fat Grafting to Augment Your Breast Size

The first action you should take remains to set up a consultation time with our experts on fat transfer and increasing breast size. The specialist at Seduction Cosmetic Center™ in Miami, FL. acquires your medical history and a list of the drugs you take. You’ll get asked to stop drinking and smoking before, during, and after your procedure. At the consultation, you and our expert develop a plant to augment your breast size using fat transfer.

The liposuction portion of this procedure gets done in an outpatient setting. You’ll either receive general anesthesia or use a sedative and local anesthesia when your fat gets harvested. Our primary goal remains to keep you comfortable while the first part of your procedure gets done.
Once you are sedated, a small incision gets made in the area where the fat gets removed. A cannula tube becomes inserted into the incision, and fat gets removed by suction. Our physician only removes the appropriate amount of fat.

After harvesting your fat, it gets processed to a smooth texture. The texture enables the substance to appear natural and smooth when it’s injected into your breasts. A tiny needle gets used to inject the transferred fat into your breasts.

Fat transfer to breast Miami

Because the transfer and augmentation use your fat, the tissue won’t get rejected. Incisions made appear very small and usually become camouflaged in some way. Fat injections occur to augment your breasts, and incisions get closed.

Recovering from Fat Grafting in the Breasts

Most individuals go back to their normal activities within a few days after their procedure. It takes a few weeks before more strenuous activities, and workouts resume, however. Heavy lifting should also wait until a few weeks after your fat transfer. You’ll receive recuperation instructions before you leave after the transfer process. Pain medication might get prescribed for a short time. Bruising and swelling might occur but should resolve quickly. Before long, you’ll get to enjoy the improvements in the way your bust line looks.

How Long do Fat Grafting Results Last?

A small amount of the grafted fat might get absorbed by your body shortly after your treatment. But most of your grafted fat lasts for a long time. Fat transfer for breast augmentation remains very safe for candidates who desire to have more massive and shapelier breasts.

To find out additional information about fat transfer for breast augmentation, start by scheduling a consultation. Our skillful physicians can evaluate your situation and show you how to improve the way your breasts look safely and naturally.

Schedule your free consultation

The first step in getting a Fat Transfer to Breast Miami is to schedule a consultation with us. This consultation will be free and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the procedure before making any decisions.

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