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Dr. Abeer Sawwaf

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

For me, the patient always comes first. I entered into the fields of cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgery because I wanted to make a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives. That’s why I always work so hard to create a personalized plan for every single one of my patients, so that when we’re done, I know that they will move on in life with greater confidence and actually take joy in the person that they are.

My journey to healing others’ minds and bodies began at the American University of Beirut, where I graduated with a medical doctorate degree. Since then, I have distinguished myself by becoming the first woman to obtain the Jordan Board of Plastic Surgery. Today I have a full 20 years of experience to my name, as well as thousands of plastic surgery operations in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Jordan.

Dr Abeer Sawwaf Plastic Surgeon Miami

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As a consultant plastic surgeon, my work has been primarily in the field of plastic surgery, working to repair people’s self-images and also to help them move past traumatic injuries that would have otherwise left them permanently scarred. I’ve performed countless cosmetic and reconstructive operations and helped many people improve their lives as a result. Making these improvements to people’s lives has always been my primary motivation.

The mind and body are inextricably linked. You will often hear people use the expression “you look how you feel”, and while it may only be a figure of speech, there is a lot of truth to it. The person you see when you look in the mirror is the same person you expect everyone else will see. This is often untrue, since everyone perceives each other differently, however it causes you to carry yourself in a less positive light and it also negatively affects your mental health. When I perform work to rebuild or reshape part of someone’s body, that changes the person that they see when they look in the mirror every day and so it changes the way that they feel about themselves too. The work that I do on bodies ultimately helps reshape minds too.

I’ve positioned myself to be versatile at my craft, receiving a degree in general surgery on top of my plastic surgery training and also obtaining the American Board of General Surgery. I pride myself on being able to make positive changes to people’s lives, so I work extremely hard to be the best at doing so.

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