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Welcome to our Facial Fat Transfer surgery service in Miami! If you are looking for a natural and long-lasting way to enhance your beauty, then you have come to the right place. Our experienced plastic surgeons specialize in using your own fat to smooth wrinkles, add volume, and contour your face.

Facial Aesthetics using a Fat Transfer

If your face looks harsh or has an aging hollow in the skin, Seduction Cosmetic Center™ has excellent physicians who can help smooth out your skin. Several ways to achieve these facially aesthetic goals fat transfer to the face, including:

• Restoring your under-eye volume
• Smoothing wrinkles
• Creating a wrinkle-free transition from the lower eyelids and the cheeks
• Filling in deep wrinkles and folds around your mouth

Factors that contribute to the signs of aging

The factors that contribute to the signs of aging on the face are:

  • Increasing skin laxity that gets caused by gravity.
  • Sun exposure factors such as pigmentation issues and wrinkles.
  • The loss of volume in your face, creating facial hollows. 

About the Facial Fat Transfer Procedure

You’ll first have a consultation with our fat transfer specialist doctor to decide your personal goals.

At the procedure, the physician marks the areas of your body from which to remove fat. Next, you’ll receive a combination of sedation and a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the process. You’ll receive either oral or a light IV sedation. If you select to have a full facial fat transfer, you’ll most likely use IV sedation to ensure your comfort level.

Why a Facial Fat Transfer from Seduction Cosmetic Center™?

Patients choose to use their fat for facial rejuvenation for many reasons. Fillers and implants might also smooth out wrinkles and furrows in your face. But these synthetic products don’t always work well in every situation because they might cause allergies. Using a fat transfer allows most patients to have facial rejuvenation done, as the body won’t reject its tissue.

Another benefit of using your body’s tissues to improve your facial features includes that autologous fat contains natural growth factors. When you use autologous fat (fat that came from your body), you increase the growth of healthy tissues that look quite youthful. No special processing is needed for the body to utilize these growth factors. They happen naturally and with little to no processing.

Fat exists as a normal part of the body’s tissue. Using your fat to smooth hollows and wrinkles creates a natural-looking result. The skin texture and muscles appear natural, and the fat can’t move or shift positions. It becomes incorporated into the face’s tissue.

Harvested fat gets injected into the skin using tiny cannulas for placement. This action leaves no significant marks or scars on your face. Plus, unlike synthetic injections and fillers, a facial fat transfer lasts a lifetime.

Microlipoinjection, or Fat Injections

Microlipoinjections or fat injections use harvested fat from your body to fill out areas of your face. A cannula placed in a tiny incision accesses the area of fat to get extracted using the latest technology. Usually, this fat gets taken from the thighs or abdominal regions. Unwanted elements get eliminated from the harvested fat before placing it in your face.

Once the fat is harvested and processed, a smaller cannula gets used to insert the fat into your face. The process occurs as an out-patient treatment. Due to sedation usage, you’ll need to have someone take you home from the fat transfer and keep you company for a day or two.

When you leave the Seduction Cosmetic Center™, your doctor provides you with a full set of instructions and any pain or other prescriptions to stay pain-free as healing progresses. Some of the actions to take to prepare for the healing period include:

• Set up a clean, comfortable area at home for mending
• Get any prescriptions ahead of time, if possible
• Make a few meals ahead of time
• Find some low activity hobbies to do and movies to watch while you heal to stay entertained
• Prepare to experience one or two weeks of swelling before you return to your social activities. Make sure to have ice packs handy to apply to treated areas if recommended by your physician

Combining Procedures for a Significant Improvement in Your Appearance

If your biggest cosmetic concern remains about your face’s all-over looks, the facial fat transfer should work well for you. For even more dramatic results, combine fat transfer with a facelift, blepharoplasty, or skin resurfacing with your facial fat transfer.

The Facial Fat Transfer Candidate

Only a consultation with or facial specialist can determine if you’re the right candidate for this treatment. During the meeting, you’ll get to share your hopes and dreams for your procedure’s results. The facial specialist will need to do an exam, gather a medical history, get a list of your current medications, and make a treatment plan designed for you.

Seduction Cosmetic Center™ cares about your mental and physical health and well-being. Our highly skilled staff looks forward to meeting with you, hearing what you need and want, and making your facial rejuvenation dreams come true.

Best Facial Fat Transfer surgeons in Miami FL

The best  Facial Fat Transfer surgeons in Miami can be found here At Seduction Cosmetic Center. We have a team of  doctors to give you the highest safety standards and optimal results for your body.

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