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Are You a Good Candidate for Lipo 360 Surgery?

Lipo 360 is a transformative procedure that can redefine your body contours and boost your self-confidence. But is it the right decision for you?

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the criteria that determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for Lipo 360.

Are You a Good Candidate for Lipo 360 Surgery?

If you’ve been contemplating Lipo 360, it’s crucial to assess if you meet the necessary criteria for this procedure.

To gauge if you’re a suitable candidate for Lipo 360, consider the following:

  • Do you have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure?
  • Are you in optimal health?
  • Have you achieved any significant weight loss or completed childbearing?
  • Are you mentally ready for the changes post-procedure?
  • Have you weighed the pros and cons thoroughly?

Factors that Determine Candidacy

Several elements are pivotal in deciding if Lipo 360 is the right choice for you:

1. Physical Health and Wellness

Being in good health is vital before any surgical procedure. Your surgeon will review your medical background and perform a comprehensive physical check-up to confirm you’re a candidate for the procedure.

2. Emotional Preparedness

Lipo 360 can significantly alter your body image and emotional state. Being emotionally equipped for these changes is crucial for a positive outcome.

3. Realistic Expectations

It’s essential to understand what Lipo 360 can and cannot deliver. Those with grounded expectations are often more content with the results.

4. Age Factors

While age isn’t the only determinant, it can influence your suitability. It’s always best to consult with a surgeon regarding age-related considerations.

5. Pregnancy Considerations

If you’re considering expanding your family, it might be wise to delay Lipo 360. Pregnancy can alter the results of the procedure.

6. Body Measurements

Your body’s dimensions, including waist size, hip width, and stature, will be assessed to ensure the procedure aligns with your overall physique.

7. Skin Quality

For natural-looking outcomes, good skin quality is paramount. Your surgeon will evaluate your skin’s condition to decide on the best approach for the procedure.

It’s vital to remember that everyone’s body and needs are distinct. Discussing your medical history, overall health, and aesthetic aspirations with a certified plastic surgeon is crucial to ascertain if Lipo 360 is right for you.


Opting for Lipo 360 is a significant decision that encompasses both physical and emotional aspects. By meticulously assessing your health, expectations, and objectives, you can determine your suitability for this body-sculpting procedure.

Always remember, a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is indispensable to get advice tailored to your specific situation.

Lipo 360 in Miami, FL

To begin your Lipo 360 experience in Miami, we recommend setting up a consultation with our experts. If you’re curious about the procedure and want more details, reach out to us at (305) 406-9055 or book a consultation through our online platform.

Medical review provided by:

Picture of Dr. Marco Amarante
Dr. Marco Amarante

MD. Plastic Surgeon

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Medical review provided by:

Picture of Dr. Marco Amarante
Dr. Marco Amarante

MD. Plastic Surgeon

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