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Breast implants

Breast Implants or Breast Fat Transfer Surgery?

Though it’s great to be confident in our bodies, it’s not uncommon for people to be insecure about certain parts of their body. That’s when cosmetic plastic surgery in Miami can play a role in helping patients regain their confidence. A popular cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation surgery Miami. When it comes to resizing the […]
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Breast implant

What Does Breast Implant Surgery in Miami Entail?

When it comes to insecurities, almost everyone has one or even many. For women, it’s not unusual to have insecurities about their breasts. In many cases, women are unhappy with their natural breast size and shape causing them to learn how surgery can possibly improve their breasts. This may be common for women whose breasts […]
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Breast implants and breast feed

Can You Still Breastfeed If You Have Breast Implants?

Can You Still Breastfeed If You Have Breast Implants?   Getting breast augmentation surgery is a big step and for many people, it’s absolutely worth it. Also known as a boob job, breast augmentation surgery can enlarge the patient’s breasts by using breast implants. The last thing a patient would want after finally having their […]
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Large Breasts_ How a Breast Reduction Can Help

Large Breasts? How a Breast Reduction Can Help

Do you have Large Breasts? Learn How a Breast Reduction Can Help Cosmetic surgery is known for helping people regain their confidence in their bodies by altering specific insecurities individuals may have about themselves. A common plastic surgery is breast augmentation. Also known as a boob job Miami, it’s a surgery designed to enlarge the […]
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Can Men Get Breast Reduction Surgery In Miami?

Can Men Receive Breast Reduction Surgery In Miami? Breast reduction surgery is something many men may not discuss because they feel it’s a surgery solely for women. Though men don’t have breasts like women, men do have breast tissue. One of the differences between male and female breasts is that female breast tissue develops over […]
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