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Dog Ears After Breast Reduction: Understanding Post-Surgical Contours

Breast reduction surgery, a procedure aimed at alleviating physical discomfort and enhancing body contour, occasionally results in a post-surgical effect known as “dog ears.” This term refers to the small, puckered areas of skin that can protrude at the ends of surgical scars. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the nuances of dog ears following breast reduction, exploring its causes, prevention, and correction strategies. We also emphasize key aspects like patient expectations, healing processes, and the importance of choosing a skilled plastic surgeon.

What Causes Dog Ears after Breast Reduction?

Dog ears are a common concern for patients undergoing breast reduction surgery. They occur when excess skin is not adequately removed or reshaped, resulting in a puckered appearance near the incision sites. The primary cause is the natural tension created when the skin is sutured together, which can sometimes gather or fold, especially in areas where the skin is less elastic.

Understanding the factors contributing to this phenomenon, such as surgical technique, patient’s skin quality, and the amount of tissue removed, is essential. The role of a skilled plastic surgeon in minimizing this risk cannot be overstated, as their expertise in suturing and contouring is crucial.

Are Dog Ears Permanent Following Breast Reduction Surgery?

The permanence of dog ears after breast reduction depends on various factors, including the patient’s healing process, the extent of the condition, and the initial surgical technique used. While some cases may resolve naturally as swelling subsides and the skin adjusts to its new contour, others might require additional intervention.

Options for addressing persistent dog ears range from simple outpatient procedures to more extensive revisions. Understanding the timeline of healing and the potential for these irregularities to diminish over time is crucial for patient expectations.

How Can Dog Ears Be Prevented During Breast Reduction?

Preventing dog ears in breast reduction surgery involves meticulous planning and technique. Surgeons can employ various strategies, such as careful marking of incision lines, precise tissue removal, and employing specialized suturing techniques.

Patient factors, including skin elasticity and the amount of reduction desired, also play a significant role. Preoperative discussions between the patient and the plastic surgeon are vital to align expectations and surgical approaches, thereby reducing the likelihood of this complication.

What Are the Treatment Options for Dog Ears After Surgery?

Treating dog ears following breast reduction involves a range of options, from conservative management, like observation and massage, to surgical interventions. The choice of treatment depends on the severity and persistence of the issue. Minor dog ears might resolve with time, while more pronounced cases may require revision surgery.

This could involve additional excision of skin or liposuction to smooth out the contour. The decision should be made in consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon, who can assess the best course of action based on individual circumstances.

How Do Dog Ears Affect the Overall Results of Breast Reduction?

While dog ears can be a cosmetic concern following breast reduction, they do not typically affect the overall functional outcomes of the surgery. They may, however, impact patient satisfaction with the aesthetic results.

Addressing these concerns is part of achieving the desired body contour and symmetry. It’s important for patients to have realistic expectations and discuss potential outcomes with their plastic surgeon before the procedure.


Understanding the phenomenon of dog ears in breast reduction surgery is crucial for both patients and surgeons. By acknowledging the causes, prevention strategies, and treatment options, individuals can make informed decisions and have realistic expectations about their surgical outcomes.

While dog ears are a common concern, with appropriate care and expert surgical intervention, they can be effectively managed to ensure a satisfactory aesthetic result.

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Medical review provided by:

Picture of Dr. Marco Amarante
Dr. Marco Amarante

MD. Plastic Surgeon

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Medical review provided by:

Picture of Dr. Marco Amarante
Dr. Marco Amarante

MD. Plastic Surgeon

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