Frequently Asked Questions About Brazilian Butt Lifts

When considering any kind of cosmetic surgery, it’s not uncommon for patients to have a lot of questions. A popular cosmetic surgery is the Brazilian butt lift. It enlarges and reshapes the butt by using fat removed from the patient’s body. It’s a combination surgery involving liposuction and fat placement. Because the procedure has two major steps, patients may have many questions. Here are the answers.

How is Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Performed?

Using a liposuction tool, excess fat is taken from the body. It can be from the abdomen, flanks, thighs, or other body parts. Where the fat is removed is dependent on the body of the patient. Once the fat is removed, it is purified and prepared for injection. The fat is finally injected in strategic parts of the butt and is primarily injected in the upper quadrant so the patient’s butt has a lifted appearance.

What’s The Recovery Like? 

After surgery, patients won’t be able to sit on their butt for a couple of weeks. However, there are special pillows patients can use to avoid putting too much pressure on the butt. Because the incisions used for liposuction are very small. 

Will There Be Scars?

The scarring is minimal, the incisions are also intentionally placed in the natural creases of the body so the scarring is less visible to the eye. They fade over time and become invisible to the naked eye.

When Will I See Results?

Patients can see their results immediately after the procedure with their butt looking bigger and lifted instantly. Though the results are immediate, it can take a few months for the final results to stabilize due to any swelling. The transplanted fat will also take months to develop a good blood supply to truly show the final results.

How Long Will They Last?

Once the fat has a sufficient blood supply, patients can enjoy their newly shaped butt permanently without any touch-up treatments.

Though it’s smart for potential patients to do their own research about any possible cosmetic surgery, the best place to get answers for any questions about a Brazilian butt lift in Miami is to speak to a professional surgeon.

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