Large Breasts? How a Breast Reduction Can Help

Cosmetic surgery is known for helping people regain their confidence in their bodies by altering specific insecurities individuals may have about themselves. A common plastic surgery is breast augmentation. Also known as a boob job, it’s a surgery designed to enlarge the breasts.

Though it may be common for people to increase the size of their breasts, there are patients who want the opposite. For patients who’d like to decrease their breast size, a breast reduction surgery may be a solution.

Breast reduction

A breast reduction lives up to its name by reducing the size of the breasts. This is accomplished by the surgeon removing excess glandular tissues and skin from the breasts. The surgeon may also reduce the size of the areolas. This is done to ensure that the results look natural since large areolas on smaller breasts may not give patients the results they desire.

There’s a stigma that may be connected to undergoing a breast reduction surgery. Larger breasts are popularly known for being a contributing factor to a woman’s attractiveness which is why breast implants are so popular. For patients who want smaller breasts, they may be told that they’re making a mistake but there are many reasons why women would want a breast reduction.

Reasons to Consider a Breast Reduction

Large breasts may be one of many beauty standards but it can lead to women being drastically uncomfortable and even experiencing extreme pain. Many women with very big breasts may experience pain in their back, shoulder, neck, and more. They may also develop rashes beneath their breasts as well as painful indentations on their shoulders due to bra straps having to lift such heavy breasts.

Benefits Breast Reduction

A breast reduction can possibly resolve these issues with patients reporting reduced upper body pain as well as an improved ability to engage in physical activities. A breast reduction can also possibly help patients who have disproportionate breasts that are visibly noticeable.

To find out more on how breasts reductions can give patients a more comfortable lifestyle, contact one of the many experienced professionals at Seduction Cosmetic Center.

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