How Do Breast Lifts Work?

Do breast lifts in Miami work?

For patients who want to alter their breasts without the use of implants, you may be heavily considering a breast lift. Also known as a mastopexy, breast lift surgery is when the breasts are raised and reshaped to give them a firmer, rounder look that patients can be confident in. It’s ideal for patients who aren’t looking to enlarge their breasts but get rid of sagging. Reshaping breasts without implants may sound confusing but it’s possible and can not only lead to a shorter recovery time but also doesn’t involve too many items for recovery.

How do Breast Lifts Work?

So how does a breast lift work if there are no implants involved? First, the surgeon marks the breasts to determine the new lifted position as well as ensure that the procedure will provide the patients with their desired results. These marks are usually made around the areola because that’s most likely where the surgeon will cut. However, the surgeon is intentional about making incisions in areas that aren’t visible.


Patients of course receive general anesthesia that will make them go to sleep during surgery. Once the anesthesia has kicked in, them plastic surgeon will begin making small incisions based on the marks made before the surgery. These incisions are made around the areola and extends down the front of the breasts, from the bottom of the areola to the crease. There’s also a possibility that the incision will extend along the sides of the areola. These cuts allow the surgeon to reshape and lift the breasts.

Once the breasts are situated in the right position, the areolas are moved to match the new position and shape of the breasts. One reason a patient may want to get a breast lift is because their nipples are pointed downward. This is when the surgeon can fix that. The surgeon can remove excess skin that contributes to sagging and give the breasts a firmer appearance.

Afterward, the incisions are carefully closed with stitches, skin adhesives, sutures, or surgical tape. Breast lift patients can go home the same day of surgery and sometimes are ready to get back to regular life in less than a week.

After surgery

Surgeons suggest that patients avoid strenuous activity such as exercise for three or four weeks to allow the body sufficient time to heal.

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