The Steps Of A Tummy Tuck Surgery


Some people may think getting the perfect stomach is nearly unachievable. For individuals who have excess stomach skin, sit-ups, crunches and a healthy diet may not be enough. Fortunately, Miami plastic surgery can help people get a flatter stomach that they can be confident in. 

Miami tummy tuck

When it comes to getting a flatter and more defined stomach, a Miami tummy tuck is seen as one of the popular cosmetic surgeries. It targets loose skin and weakened muscles that may have developed in the abdominal area due to pregnancy, weight loss or simply the passage of time. The surgery is ideal for patients who have loose, hanging skin and fat at the belly caused by loss of elasticity in the stomach or even genetic-related conditions.

Once patients have consulted with their doctor, they can expect the first step of the surgery to include an anesthesia that will most likely put the patient asleep. The surgeon then makes a horizontally-oriented incision at the very bottom of the stomach. The length and shape of the incision is dependent on the amount of excess skin the patient has. If there’s an abundance of excess skin, the surgeon may need to make an incision around the navel to get rid of all the unwanted extra skin.

After the surgeon makes the incision, the skin is then pulled down so the surgeon can trim off excess skin. This is when the stomach looks flatter and tighter. To secure the skin, the doctor sutures it in place. To make sure the results look natural, an opening is created for the belly button. 

Recovery from Tummy Tuck

The recovery for a tummy tuck can take weeks but if patients follow the postoperative instructions given by their doctor correctly, they can expect a quick and smooth recovery. For the best results, patients should avoid excessive strain on their stomach and strenuous exercise.

Though being knowledgeable about how a tummy tuck works can help patients better understand if a certain surgery will give them the results they want, it’s best for patients to talk to a professional about the reality of a tummy tuck. If you have questions about a potential tummy tuck, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with one of the qualified surgeons at Seduction Cosmetics.

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